Tuesday, 23 February 2010

so busy!!!

I have been a naughty oger woopsie. I have loads of piccies but not much time to write about them all. I am always have day dreams aout what i am going to write on my blog and it is all deep and meaningful, then i come on here and i write about rubbish! how useless is that! oh well

heres a few pics of some craft stuff with the bracelet being for Rachel. A few pics of Bella watchign the tv as well. She lovezs to watch the tv when there are animals and she follows the tv. silly dog. Oh and a few of the baby tortoise and the mummy and daddy tortoise. As you can see mummy tortoise is in charge..

Sunday, 14 February 2010

I have a few more scrapbook pages to show you and a card.

I have a before and after picture of Bella to show as well. She loves to sit on the little leg rest.She used to fit on it so i have before and after pictures of Bella now and as a puppy sitting on it. OK i wish i had organised my ophotoso and kept them all on here! The youndest one i can find is not that young but you can still see! She is a crazy dog today. Think she has a rocket up her butt!

Sunday, 7 February 2010


Will start the post off with a piccie of my bella, she is all poorly. I think you can see it in the piccie but i dunno if anyone else can. She has keenel cough and has been sick a few times and it is soooooooo quiet and cuddly my poor girly.

I also have some craft stuff to show. The earings are for rachel to sell for scope her page is here http://www.justgiving.com/Rachel-Landymore if you wish to look and support her. The bracelet was a kit. The pin page is for the uks weekly challenge where I had to pink, bling and old craft stuff. really enjoyed doing it.

As you can see my photography is still as rubbish as ever...

Friday, 29 January 2010

craft stuff

Hvae been making a few craft bits for my friend Rachel. She is walking the wall of china for scope and needs to raise lots of money. I am making her some stuff to sell to help. Her website is here

and here is what i have made so far

who has snow??? we do lol. was in the car with mum and we skidded so much. we could not get up mousehold as it was so slippery and could not move! we managed to turn round and fine another wayhome but i was scared! gald i was not drivivng.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

more goldie

Here are some more piccies of goldie taken today. Also one of my painting of Bella which i am very pround os as it is my first attempt at an animal and the first time i have used acrylic paints since i left school like 5 years ago!

Friday, 22 January 2010

new addition

our famiy has a new addition :) Rememebr my little fertile egg? well it hatched!! we not have a super cute baby tortoise

Friday, 8 January 2010

happy belated new year

happy new year, a bit late lol.

my bunnys are all now frieds and in their new cage, yay. there were no fights or anything they got on great. Poor lilly was terrified but all was well. Sasha is poorly now though with her tummy, she gets this every year or so so im sure she will be fine...

made a cake today it is cinnamon, apple and coconut. meant to be cinnamon and apple muffins but turned it into a cake and added coconut.

have some piccies of some craft stuff to show as well. now that my dissertation is done and bound (woop!!) i have some free time so have actually made some bits, yay.

snowwww i love the snow, so does bella. am taking for a big walk with some other dogs tomorrow morning so it should be great :)